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Sonali Computers

launches training

division inline with

the 2006 Department of Education Information Communications Technology (ICT) Curriculum.


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Refurbished PC's

Sonali Computers has secured a 10 year agreement with a Taiwan based company  for the importing of Refurbished Pentium Computers. Famous brands such as Dell and Compaq at a fraction of the cost.

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Our History

Sonali  Computers was incorporated in Durban 1995 which was then know as CellComp Technology and is one of the oldest computer resellers in the greater Durban region. Sonali Computers is one of the largest independent value added resellers in the province. Sonali Computers provides computer solutions ranging from basic home office systems to high-end networked solutions. We have a strong reputation for being customer oriented and professional and enjoy a very high level of repeat and referral business.

Sonali Computers is a 100% locally owned and operated company which is a benefit to the staff and our clients as we have a vested interest in our community.

Every year Sonali Computers invests heavily into training both our sales and service staff. Thousands of rands are spent annually to keep our dedicated team up to date and informed. This is just part of our commitment to our clients and this industry. Seminars, training sessions and major industry events held in Durban and other major cities are frequent. Training sessions with hardware and software wholesalers and manufacturers are held regularly. Our staff spend countless hours reading industry newspapers, magazines, technical journals and product reviews to keep on top of the latest and greatest products this industry has to offer. This dedication to acquiring knowledge is one of the reasons why Sonali Computers is a leader in this industry.

Mission Statement

"Be the best value added reseller in Durban by providing high quality, competitively priced computer technology solutions and services in a friendly, professional and profitable manner, allowing for the development of long term client relationships and the continued growth of our business."


Our Company slogan is a true representation of what Sonali Computers is all about. We have the slogan prominently displayed on our website serving as a reminder to our staff and clients of what we strive to achieve daily.



Telkom's ADSL service has reaffirmed its status as the best broadband service in South Africa. In recent tests on South African broadband services conducted by MyADSL and the Department of BIT, University of Johannesburg, Telkom's four ADSL offerings proved superior to the other services.

Microsoft VISTA
Microsoft has given developers access to a key piece of Windows Vista, months ahead of the operating system's release.

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24 Hour ON-CALL

Sonali Computers now has a 24 Hour ON-CALL Vehicle on standby for all your computing emergencies. Just SMS the words




and a consultant will be in immediate contact with you.

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