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Sonali Computers

launches training

division inline with

the 2006 Department of Education Information Communications Technology (ICT) Curriculum.


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Refurbished PC's

Sonali Computers has secured a 10 year agreement with a Taiwan based company  for the importing of Refurbished Pentium Computers. Famous brands such as Dell and Compaq at a fraction of the cost.

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 Dial-up R75 per month

Includes e-mail address
Anti-virus and anti-spam
Modems from R150

A dial up connection is a method of accessing the internet. When using a dial up connection your modem dials a number that connects your modem to our servers.

This connection is maintained until you disconnect. By using a dial up connection you will not need to make any changes to your current phone line.


R120 per month 64 Kbps

R180 per month 128 Kbps

Includes e-mail address
Anti-virus and anti-spam
Modems from R200

The Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) provides new functions and services on the already existing digital telephone exchange. Digital access from the customerís premises gives you the ability to make possible end-to-end digital connections that can support a wide variety of services such as speech, video telephony, video conference, facsimile, data and image transfer.

Please enquire about other types of Internet connectivity available.


Telkom's ADSL service has reaffirmed its status as the best broadband service in South Africa. In recent tests on South African broadband services conducted by MyADSL and the Department of BIT, University of Johannesburg, Telkom's four ADSL offerings proved superior to the other services.

Microsoft VISTA
Microsoft has given developers access to a key piece of Windows Vista, months ahead of the operating system's release.

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24 Hour ON-CALL

Sonali Computers now has a 24 Hour ON-CALL Vehicle on standby for all your computing emergencies. Just SMS the words




and a consultant will be in immediate contact with you.

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